10 ways how Cuppa
benefits the world

1) Cuppa can help people feeling lonely during the COVID-19 crisis connect with new people online
2) Cuppa can help people working from home take a quick video break with an online friend and chat about things beyond work
3) Cuppa can encourage people to step beyond superficial interactions online to having 1-1 videos and meaningful conversations
4) Cuppa can create a level playing field on the Internet by making serendipitous connections between people who would never meet otherwise due to geographical or financial separation
5) Cuppa can help people deepen their social bonds with others online
6) Cuppa can help people discover interesting work opportunities
7) Cuppa can help people living in entirely different continents interact meaningfully and build relationships
8) Cuppa can help people develop empathy towards others living in different and difficult conditions and hopefully bring us all a bit closer
9) Cuppa can help people hear stories from others just like them but separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.
10) Cuppa can help people discover others with shared mutual interests (be it pets, sports, movies or games) and tap into our human desire to seek real connections.